Here is a just a quick update showing my soldering setup. 
It is nothing special, but I like that it is mobile so it can be put away in seconds. 

Everyting is glued to a sheet of MDF which makes it very easy to clear up the work table for other projects. 

Personally, I am very great at leaving a big mess. I am even greater at forgetting to clean up my mess after I have completed the given task. That often leads to a few words of swearing when I then need the table space for other tasks... I therefore hope to make the cleaning process easier with this simple setup. I guess we will see wath happens :-) 


After sharing this post on I've got some others to share their setups as well:


If there is one thing I would like to upgrade, it would be the fume extraction. I am considering making some ventilation tubes and som fans that will extract all the fumes instead of just cleaning with a filter. I am not convinced that my fume extractor is cleaning the fumes enough, and I therefore think it will be nice with a more professional setup.