Thanks to the renowned batterybuilder; Barajabali from, we can now bring you the secret method on how to get your hands on the premium battery cells everyone is talking about. 

Cell rating

These cells are rated at 3100mah and 30a. The energy density is therefore very high, and make it a great cell for electric skateboard builds where high discharge cababilities are necessary. 


How to get them

As Barajabali has confirmed, the Sanyo 20700A cells is used in the Dewalt dcb206 batteries. If you are able to get your hands on some of these badboys, you can take the battery apart and source your desired Sanyo cells inside. Beware that the cells might be dificult to disassmble due to the heavy duty assembly by Dewalt... 
I therefore recommend that you read Barajabali's post on the forum before you go ahead and do this.

After spending some time on Google, I found it dificult to find any suppliers in Europe having these Dewalt batteries in stock. As usual, we probably still have to wait a bit to catch up with our American friends....